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ChemStone is a specialty chemical company focused on providing chemistry that works for the pulp and paper industry. ChemStone provides unique technology that can be customized to meet customer's requirements. At ChemStone, our customers are our partners in success!

  • To contact someone from Customer Service, call us toll-free at 1-888-329-1115 or reach us by email at customerservice@chemstone.com.
    Unparalleled Trial Customer Service
    • Trained and insured on-site personnel
    • 24 hour on-call support team
    • Remotely monitors chemical levels and inventory
    • Maintains equipment
  • Long-term, close relationship with carriers
  • Responsive and flexible to customer's unique needs, purchasing requirements and mill guidelines
  • In compliance with all government regulations
  • Specialize on pulp side of the business
  • Customer service trained to meet those specialized needs of the pulp industry
  • Strong relationships with customers
  • Patented products