SSA-100 Series

ChemStone SSA-100 is used to improve soap skimmer efficiencies.

This unique blend of surfactants has been successfully used to agglomerate soap particles thereby increasing the rise rate. The increased removal of soap from weak black liquor results in less soap carryover to the evaporators.


FDA Approved
Dispersible in water
Easy Handling
Increases Rise Rate of Soap Particles


Improves Soap Recovery Yield
Reduces Amount of Soap Deposits and Fouling in Evaporator Tubes

Physical Properties



ChemStone SSA-100 is used for soap separation. It is effective in agglomerating soap particles in the soap skimmer and increasing their rise rate. The result is more soap being removed from the black liquor and less soap carryover to the evaporators. This product can be used to improve soap recovery in both weak liquor skimmers as well as undersized evaporator skimmers.

Storage and Handling Recommendations

ChemStone SSA-100 should be stored above 32° F, but not heated above 135° F. This product should be kept away from oxidizing materials.

Regulatory Compliance

ChemStone SSA-100 does not contain any materials that are reportable under SARA section 313 reportable chemicals. Request an MSDS for additional information.

Containers and Shipping

ChemStone SSA-100 is available in non-returnable bulk bins (250 gal) and bulk shipments.