ChemClean LS-450

ChemClean LS-450 is designed to remove hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans from process gas.

LS-450 will react with H2S and mercaptans to form stable, liquid, reaction products that are easily removed from the system.


  • Removal of H2S & mercaptans
  • Preferentially reacts with H2S in CO2 rich streams
  • Removes H2S from water and air
  • Safe water soluble reaction product
  • Minimal capital investment
  • Easy disposal

Physical Properties



LS-450 may be injected into the process line or used in contact "bubble" scrubbers. The pulp and paper industry use LS-450 for their H2S removal needs.

Use Requirements

LS-450 and the reacted solution are water-soluble, form no solids, and is readily biodegradable. There are no known undesirable side reactions that render the reacted product toxic or hazerdous. It produces a stable, non-hazerdous waste that meets RCRA guidelines.

Storage and Handling Reccomendations

LS-450 is shipped as a non-regulated liquid and is available in bulk, totes or drums.