LPA-300 Series

ChemStone LPA-300 Series products are lime processing aids that are used to reduce fuel consumption, ringing, and balling inside the lime kiln.

This is accomplished by changing the rheology of the lime mud and increasing the solids leaving the pre-coat filter.


  • Modifies Rheology of Lime Mud
  • FDA Approved


  • Reduced Energy in the kiln. Typical savings are 0.5 to 1.0 MBtu/short ton
  • Reduce Purchased Lime Requirements
  • Lower TRS due to better washing
  • Improved Recaustizing Efficiency

Physical Properties



This product is applied at the limekiln pre-coat filter. LPA-300 increases the solids off the filter, through better drainage, by 4-8%. The rheology of the mud is altered resulting in less of a tendency for ringing and balling. The efficiency gained through the increased solids can be used to reduce fuel consumption at the kiln or to increase production throughput.

Storage and Handling Recommendations

ChemStone LPA-300 should be stored above 32° F, but not heated to above 110° F.

Regulatory Compliance

ChemStone LPA-300 is manufactured in compliance with the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration.

Containers and Shipping

ChemStone LPA-300 is available in non-returnable bulk bins (250 gal) and bulk shipments.